Secrets of the Iron Fist - 6 DVD Training Program

Secrets of the Iron Fist - 6 DVD Training Program

Maximize your striking power! Through this simple program, you can achieve Iron Palm skills without any deformation or loss of sensitivity to your hands. You can learn Iron Palm without any prior training. All you need to know is in this video!

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THIS is the highly aclaimed Iron Fist training series which will make your hands like HARD, COLD IRON able to deliver the most DEVASTATING strikes to defend YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY!!!!!

The DVD series consists of the following :-
Dvd 1 - Iron palm external conditioning
Dvd 2 - Internal Iron Palm Qi Gong exercises
Dvd 3 - How to make the Iron Palm Dit Da Jow
Dvd 4 - Striking weapons of the hand
Dvd 5 - Weak target areas of the body
Dvd 6 - Street appication of the Iron Palm